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STEP 3: Single PANELS > Panels / Drawer Fronts

End-Panels are additional to your Cabinet Order.

End Panels

Coloured End Panels normally take the Height and Depth of the cabinet side that they are meant to cover, but are often partly covered by other cabinets and thus could have a different height. Confirm the Face Profile (as specified in STEP 5: Colours & Profiles)
Maximum Height (length) 2350mm.
Most cabinets are butted to one-another or against a wall, but occasionally the last cabinet, or a free standing 'Pantry' will have an exposed carcass side - that may show screws or other fastening holes. These should be covered with an End panel, which often is the same colour and style as the doors, but you could specify a different colour/style.

To ensure these Panels are not overlooked we suggest that you positively advice us when those components are NOT required.

BUT if you want to add other cabinet selections first that is OK too.

Bulkheads (Headboards) cover the space between the top of the cabinets and ceiling and are normally in the same material/colour as the Panel, but if a different colour is needed (e.g.White - same as the ceiling) then please state this in the "Special Requests" box.

NOTE: If you are adding panels to the sides of any cabinets then the thickness of these panels will be added to the width of the cabinet.

For Vinyl or Polyurethane panels, if a finish is required on both sides of the panel, than use the "Your Choice"
Colour category and state this also in the 'Special Requests' prompt box for that Colour choice and we will provide a quotation.

No Panels Required

Please click on "GetPrice" to record "Panels Not Required" on your shopping list.

Select from options below and overtype 'default' values - as needed.

Panel - range: 2350x1150
Panel - range: 2350x1150

Colour as per STEP 5

End-panels AND/OR Drawer fronts
AND/OR Shelfs

Select from options below and overtype 'default' values - as needed.

Height to 2350mm

Width to 1150mm

Top Edge Required - if ticked.
Bottom Edge Reqd. - if ticked
Left Edge Required - if ticked
Right Edge Required -if ticked
Panel Style - Material Finish

Your Reference

Special requests


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