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- Microwave Open Units

Custom sized flat pack Microwave Upper ( Wall ) cabinets in our Kit Form range include Doors, Tops and all assembly hardware and come in seven price classes based on Door Finish materials used (Laminate, Vinyl, Polyurethane Paint) in either Texture or GLOSS, and Unfinished (for self painting).

The whole 'Box' is made from the finish material selected.
Pricing depends on cubic size, 'Door' material selected and number of shelves.

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Microwave Box

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Microwave Open Box
Microwave Open Box

Open Box -Fully edged

Select from options below and overtype 'default' values - as needed.

Height 400 - 500mm

Width 600 - 800mm

Depth 350 - 600mm

Open Style - Material Finish

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