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 Here is where you can supply us with details about a specific cabinet that you may need to complete your project.

Please supply us with as much information about this cabinet as you can. Any special requests can be noted in the 'Special request' box. The more information that you can supply, the less questions we may have. If you are emailing a separate drawing, please email only the cabinet that you wish (we don't want the entire kitchen). The email address is: Whilst we can not manufacture every conceivable cabinet in a flat pack form, we can supply from the general range that is available in innovative ways. We will advise you if we can do this type of cabinet and the cost of it as soon as we can.

General Notes:

Sizing: The maximum box size we can produce is 2350x1150mm.

Height = Cabinet Box Height Only (this does not include the height of the Kickboard or the thickness of any bench top).
          Example: If a 900mm High Over-all Bench height is desired:
         900mm Bench Top thickness (E.G.: 34mm) Kickboard Height (E.G.: 146mm) = Height (720mm).

Depth = Depth of Cabinet including Door

CUSTOM DESIGNED Cabinet - Price as Quoted
CUSTOM DESIGNED Cabinet -  Price as Quoted


Select from options below and overtype 'default' values - as needed.

Height in mm

Width in mm

Depth in mm

Number of Doors required

Number of Drawers

Number of Shelves?


Shelf Depth

Door Hang

Door Style - Material finish

Quoted additional cost

Your Reference

Special requests


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