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CARCASE ONLY CABINETS Aimedat the Cabinetmaker Trade Professional

The Product lists provided under the CARCASE Only Cabinets pricing are aimed at the Trade professionals - who typically have their own Drawer Runners, Hinges, Hinge Mounts, Adjustable Legs, etc. in-stock, ready to go - and often prefer to source their own Doors or/and Drawer Fronts. Most importantly they have the knowledge to work out the exact sizes required and have the specialised machinery to drill Door Hinge holes and/or Drawer Fronts correctly, as most Door suppliers will NOT drill the Door hinge holes.

Note: The Drawer Front gaps between ascending Drawer Fronts is pre-set to 2mm, so you will need to make this allowance when working out your final Drawer Front sizes.</P>

It is for these reasons that these cabinets are not really suited for most DIY Customers who should really select from the KitSet range, as these cabinets come complete with Doors/Drawer Fronts and Hardware – Ready for quick & simple assembly.

With the Kitset range,  you have the option to specify a particular Door/Drawer brand, colour & style in the ‘Your Choice’ section and we will endeavour to source and price your job as soon as possible.

The options here contain very economical priced Flat Pack Carcass-only cabinets, with a much finer dimension / price granularity than the Kitset cabinets. All cabinets include the drilling for the screws, cams, hinge mounts (both ends of cabinet) and Drawer Runners for easy assembly of the cabinets. Excluded in the Carcase Only option are: All Hinge, Drawer Hardware, Adjustable Legs, Doors, Drawer Fronts,of course Bench Tops

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