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WARDROBE INSERTS > Kit form Inserts

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Wardrobe insert example.GIF

There are five basic Designs (Sections) to select from:


1. Full Hang + Fixed Shelf as shown in Section A of the picture;

2. Drawers + shelves - as shown in Section B;

3. Double Hang - as shown in Section C;

4. Full Hang

5. Shelves only


The pricing for different options depend on: Depth of Wardrobe,  Width of the Section and number of Drawers (if any).


NOTE: Sections within the same  ROOM -WALL must have the same Height and Depth values specified in the prompt boxes.

Select one of the five Designs from the Sub-categories above.

Sub Categories
Full Hang+Shelf section
Drawer section
Double Hang section
Full Hang section
Shelving only section

Corner Wardrobe Shelves


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