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The Ward Robe Drawer Section is a complete unit with quality Hardware and Hettich Slides fully specified in the Product Category: Floor Drawers

The pricing for different options depend on: Depth of Wardrobe, Width of the Section and number of Drawers (if any).

The heights of the Drawer Units are initially all pre-determined, as equal sized drawer fronts (see below), which is typically used as a wardrobe height size. They are all set 200mm off the floor to allow for cleaning/extra shoe storage.

2 Equal Drawers = 500mm (Drawer Fronts equal at 247mm high);
3 Equal Drawers = 750mm (Drawer Fronts equal at 247mm high);
4 Equal Drawers = 1000mm (Drawer Fronts equal at 247mm high);
5 Equal Drawers = 1250mm (Drawer Fronts equal at 247mm high)

Note: The heights of these are fully flexible, you can specify not only the overall height, but individual drawer front heights as well in the Special requests section in the website.
The height & depth of the runners themselves will automatically be set to the longest and highest available to suit the available inside space (unless otherwise specified).

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