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 Select from one of the Material / Style Sub-category options:

  • Laminate; a coloured melamine coating
  • Unfinished - 18mm MR-MDF board, Profiled and Edged at your choice, ready for DIY painting; 
  • Vinyl Wrap - TEXTURE finish with a range of Colour/Profiling options called "Belmont" style;
  • Vinyl Wrap - GLOSS finish, with a range of Colour/Profiling options, called "Byron Bay" style;
  • Polyurethane painted - TEXTURE finish and a range of Colour/Profiling options - called "Albany" style;
  • Polyurethane painted - GLOSS finish - with a range of Colour/Profiling options - called "Avoca style".

At the end of all your product ordering you MUST specify (using STEP 5: Colours & Profiles) your choice of Colour and Finish; you must have a colour choice for each product Style selected - the colour can either apply to one of: Doors & Drawers, Panels or Kickboards, or ALL of these.

For a more detailed description of these FIVE different STYLES and Price considerationsplease see: Style & Cost Considerations

NOTE:  Cost reductions apply in each Price Range if any of the ACTUAL Dimensions are less than the assumed sizes.

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