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STEP 1: Select Materials, Style and Colour combinations

Use the "Sub-Category" options shown at the top of this page and following pages to set the Materials type and Style, Profiles, Colour and Finishing for all Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts and Exterior Panels, that go with the Cabinets you wish to purchase in this Order.

Firstly :Select the basic Material type from the "Sub-Categories" shown above;
Secondly: Select
 a Style and Colour (e.g.: Vinyl Wrap - Style: Belmont - Antique White);
Thirdly: select one of Face Designs, Face Profiles and Edge Profiles available in that Style (not applicable to Melamine);.
Fourthly: Identify in the Product Template to what components this Style/Color is applicable.

Finally CLICK on the "Add to Cart" button to record this combination on the Shopping cart - it will apply to all Products ordered in   STEP 2: Select Cabinets and STEP 3: Panels etc.

NOTE: 1  This STEP is not required if you only order Wardrobes and/or Benchtops and/or Carcass-only Cabinets.

  2.  You can have different Style/Colour for different components (e.g. Doors in Antique White and Kickboards in Sage) - but if you need a different Style/Color for similar components (for example having some Doors in a different colour) then record new "Orders" on your Shopping Cart for the Material/Colour choosen.

About 80% of customers are completely satisfied with our 35 different Style/Colour combinations, but we can integrate any style of Door, Drawer front or Panel available through normal commercial channels. Just specify your requirement in the "Your Choice" prompt boxes and we will provide a quote.

The cost of Kitchen cabinets varies greatly according to the materials, finishes, colours and profiles chosen for doors, drawer fronts and covering panels. For detailed lists of comparative costs see: Price Lists

  • Melamine (Low Pressure Laminate) covered Doors, DRawers, Panels etc. are lowest cost, followed by Vinyl Wrap (Thermo Laminate), 2-pack Polyurethane painted, then Wood Veneer and finally solid Wooden doors & panels.
    The latter two vary much in price depending of thickness of the veneer and the species of (sometimes imported) wood.
  • Light Solid colour is lower in cost then darker colours (which need a lot more care in manufacturing), while Woodgrain and Patterned surfaces are more expensive due to wastage incurred in matching panels for an even look.
  • Matt orTextured finish is lower in cost, followed by Satin, Semi-gloss and High Gloss - the latter has a higher "risk premium" as small imperfections show up easily and re-work is often not possible and a complete Vinyl wrapped door may need to be discarded.
  • Plain straight edged Doors, Panels etc. are the lowest cost, followed by bevelled edged doors, then Face and Edge profiled doors and highest cost for recessed panelling.

The Table below shows the variation due to material and Finish possible using an average kitchen finsihed in Antique While Vinyl wrap (matt or satin finish) with plain bevelled edge face design.

Approximate Cost variations from a "standard solid colour Vinyl Wrapped" kitchen
Material Finish Cost variation
Melamine Solid Colour> - 1200
Woodgrain - 800
Vinyl Wrap Matt, flat surface "benchmark"
Matt , Face + Edge profiled> + 200
+ 500
Matt , Recessed panel + Edge profiled> + 800
High Gloss , Recessed panel + Edge profiled> + 1300
Painted, 2-pk Polyurethane Matt, flat surface + 800
Matt , Face + Edge profiled> + 950
Matt , High Gloss , flat surface> + 1100
Matt , Recessed panel + Edge profiled> + 1900
High Gloss , Recessed panel + Edge profiled> + 3000
Wood Veneer flat surface + 2500
Solid Wood With Face and Edge profiles + 3000+



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