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How to make Robes connect in a corner of the room:

To make the Robes connect in a corner its really quite simple, providing you follow these few basic steps below when designing/quoting/ordering your Robe inserts using our on-line system.

Step: 1

If you want corner shelving in the corner, then this is the easiest and simplest method. You simply order this straight from the web site, as the corner shelving option comes complete (as its own individual unit).
Then you can just screw/attach the remaining robes right up to it. You can also custom size the corner shelves, so thats not a problem either (i.e.: having one width different to the other or/and one depth different to the other).

Below is an example of an L shaped robe configuration -The picture below shows the corner shelving options.





To have shelving in the corner is the simplest option, but usually this is not the most desired option. Most Customers are prefer to have either a Full Hang or Double Hang cloths rail extend into the corner of the room as this suits their design better.

Below is an example of a typical L shaped robe configuration -The picture below shows a Full Hang Robe Section extending into the Corner:



Step: 2

How to order a Full Hang or Double Hang robe in a corner of a room:

Below is a simple (typical) corner wardrobe insert design for an L shaped Robe.



The important thing to do is when you get to Section A of Wall #2 in our on-line web site cabinet shop is remembering to put in Extend Left Top 150mm to Join Wall #1 Robes in the Special Requests area of that Robe.
This is important as this indicates to us that you wish to extend the Top Left shelf by 150mm and add-in the special H jointing strip that is required to join the 2x top shelves together.
Another thing that many Customers do (and we also recommend) is to extend the Depth of the Right Blade on Wall #1, Section D by 150mm This is because it finishes the Right end better to the Robes on Wall #2. You dont have to do this, its more a personal choice.

If you do want this, then put Increase Depth of Right Blade by 150mm in the Special Requests area of Wall 1, Section D

You can simply use the same principle if you had a U shaped Robe Its really just another Full Hang or Double Hang Robe section in the other corner.

I hope this has been helpful,

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