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The whole Corner Unit  is made from 16 mm HMR Board, with coloured Melamine

Select a Product (1x Drawer or 2x Drawers) and replace the DEFAULT values or "?" in the PROMPT box with your required value and highlight any specific Options - then click on buy110-sml.gif to record this selection on your  "Shopping Cart" .

A firm calculated price will be recorded on the Shopping Cart List - the smaller the sizes the lower the price etc.

Diagonal Open Upper - Laminate - Your Dimensions Diagonal Open Upper - Laminate - Your Dimensions

1x Shelf Included

Extra Shelf from $7 - 12 depending on Width


Height 400 - 1200mm

LH Width to 500mm

RH Width to 500mm

LH Depth

RH Depth

Number of shelves required

Special requests


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