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Panels - Standard Coloured 16mm High Moisture Resistant (HMR) Particleboard (PB)

Laminate (or Melamine) is the most economical material due to it's durability, availability, vast choice of colours and low cost.
Melamine is actually a low pressure laminate, hence everybody refers to a Melamine panel as actually a Laminated , so to keep with tradition we will do the same.
The Laminate panel is 16mm thick door and is pre-coated on both sides in the same colour. The substrate is a HMR (High Moisture Resistant) material and the Edgings of the panel are all finished in a 1mm thick PVC Edge -This is far superior to the tradional iron-on paper edges as they are not only extremely durable, but don't go brittle over time like their predecessor.
Cleaning is easy with a sponge using warm water liquid cleaners. Harsh cleaning products are not recommended.

Comes in the following popular colours and woodgrains:

White, Light Cream, Beige, Grey & Light Green (Solid colours)
Light Woodgrain &  Standard Woodgrain (woodgrain colours)

Bench Top Melamine -'Your Choice'

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Width 601 - 900mm

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