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Single benchtop

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FINISHED ENDs can be either Unfinished, Rolled, Square or Banana Shaped or JOIN

Banana Shape:  is Extra to the length  so do not increase the Benchtop Length to iclude the Banana shape.

Butt Joints (one on each bench) may be required when two pieces are to be joined to make one length.
Male and Female Joints are available to fix two benchtops together in an angle (mostly 90 degrees).
One bench will have a Male Joint and the Other a Female Joint, or vice versa.

You select either an END Finish or a JOINT - never both at the same time for the same side (Left or Right)- You only specify the OUTER Dimensions for the Benchtops - our process-system will take care of any extra that may be needed to shape the two Joints

For each individual Bench Top ordered a 'Component Identifyer' is required, as this links the machining/finishing to the correct bench top. For additional detailed specification instructions see Benchtop-Ordering Guidelines 

Each Benchtop must have its own Unique Bench Identifyer, either A,B,C,etc. This is because when you are prompted for a finish on the Left or Right end of your Benchtop (later on), you will use this same Unique Bench Identifyer to effectively join/add/merry up the Left and right End Finishes to your Benchtop. Your First Bench Top Unique Bench Identifyer should start with A and your next benchtop with B and your third with C, etc.



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