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Benchtop Laminates - Colour Selection & Specification.

Below are listed a few of the major suppliers of benchtop laminates conforming to Australian Standards of quality.

Laminex Industries:    !/benchtops/laminex-laminates/



 The different costs of Standard Laminates, Premium laminates, GLOSS Laminate or Squareform Laminate choices is included in the  calculated benchtop costs - a specific Quote will be given if any Optional Extras are selected or if the Laminate chosen is outside the standard range.

Note-1 : When selecting a colour off the web site, your computer screen will at best only approximate the actual colour. We recommend you ask the Laminate supplier for a sample chip to ensure complete confidence in the colour chosen

Note-2 : If you choose a second colour for another benchtop than please put those details into the "Special Requests' box for that benchtop (Use the Edit function in Viewcart if that top has already been listed.).

Benchtop Style - High Pressure Laminates
Benchtop Style - High Pressure Laminates

Select from options below and over type 'default' values - as needed.

Laminate Brand

Benchtop Laminate Grade

Optional Extras

Laminate Colour Name

Colour Finish/Code

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