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If the job is very small then the components will be bundled, wrapped & shipped as a normal 'parcel', but given that an average base cabinet weight is around 42kg, this doesn't happen that often. It's not uncommon for a flat-pack kitchen to weight between 600Kg to a tonne plus the weight of the box itself (say between 40 - 80 kg, depending on the total job size). After pick-up from the factory, the box many pass through several different depots and even dispatched to other, local carriers.
For this reason the packing of normal sized orders needs to be in a box, to reduce the risk of possible courier damage. Wherever possible only one box is used, as this reduces the chance of the courier only supplying only part of the order.

A typical kitchen has 300+ individually stacked parts, plus the hardware and when the box arrives, you will need a battery drill to remove the screws that attach the top to the rest of the box, then manually unload the flat pack items. Below is an example of a flat pack kitchen, ready for long distance dispatch:


In a few (rare) cases, the transport company may not be able to deliver the flat-pack box right to your actual home address and the box (and its contents) may need to be picked up from their nearest depot. This is because the delivery area might be remote and not all delivery trucks have a rear tail-lift and a hand fork lift (to move the box from inside the truck to tail lift) or the box is physically too big to fit normally in the rear of the local delivery truck (over 2400mm in length) or the delivery site has difficult access (i.e.: a block of units, secure area, high-rise apartments, narrow driveways, etc).
What happens in these cases is that the job will be delivered to the freight companies closest depot to your delivery address and from there you will need to organise your own means of transport to get the flat pack to your home.

Customers can then either use their trailer or borrow a friends ute/rent a ute and pick it up from there. In this case the freight company will then fork lift the box onto your awaiting trailer/ute and you can then get it home from there and un-load it at your leisure.
Many customers opt to have the box delivered to their work address (rather than their home address) as there may be a fork lift available there for easy unload and storage or they don't need to take time of work to accept delivery. From there they can 'strip' the box at their leisure and transport the flat pack home (or use a work vehicle/their own trailer, etc) to get the job home from there.


(Note: for more background details see also: Delivery & Freighting Conditions)

Estimated delivery (freight/shipping) costs are automatically generated by the web site and this provides a reasonable approximation of cost. It is not possible to give an absolute reliable 'fixed' cost for delivery to every corner of Australia in advance because there are too many variables to take into account.

For example some of these are:

    • "Number of 'transshipments' involved.
      An example of a transshipment is sending the freight to depot A and then on to depot B, then depot C and then finally loading it up and sending it to the physical destination address. Each transshipment increases the cost. Transshipments typically are from one state to another and then out to a country depot and then on to the final destination. Often in outer lying county areas the final shipment is handled by another freight company, as the main freight companies don't typically deal in these outer regions.

    • " Main route or not:
      a main route line (for example) is Sydney - Melbourne or say Melbourne - Canberra, where as a Melbourne - Darwin is not. There can be higher cost differences when shipments are not on main freight lines and involve delivering to a number of depots.

    • " Admin charge
      Every job has a set administration charge added to it to cover the administration work. So on a small job the freight appears higher, but on medium to large jobs it equates to only a very tiny % of the overall cost. " Fuel costs - Freight companies have their costs per destinations worked out, then they add a "Fuel levy %" to this. This may change weekly, depending upon current fuel costs.

    • "Total weight of order"
      The bigger the order the more it weighs = the greater the delivery cost.

    • "Physical size of box/s required
      Package sizes under 2000mm are not normally any problem however those over 2400mm are more difficult to off-load (unless local forklifts are available at the destination point).

    After we receive your quotation and we validate it, the actual delivery quotation will be checked with the freight carrier and you will be advised if there is any variation (before proceeding any further).

    Please note: Cabinets on Demand does not charge an on-costing % on the Carrier's cost for organising delivery and in most cases we offer this service at below actual cost, as we want your business and the economies of volume orders out weighs these variations in freight costs, so rest assured that you will be charged the very lowest freight cost possible!


    The Quoted freight cost does not include any transit (freight) insurance, however we do provide the option to include freight insurance as a 'tick-box' option in the delivery area. It's entirely up to you whether you want to take this up or not.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Your job will be packaged and will leave the factory undamaged - the Transport driver will see this as it is loaded onto the truck. If the truck driver notices any damage on the shipment packaging, they will not accept it (as they may be held liable when it reaches the other end).
    A good way to tell if goods have been miss-handled is by looking at the package when it arrives, as a broken box or external damage on the box is a good indicator of miss-handling during shipment.
    You should note this on your signed consignment note from the freight company and (if possible) take a picture of this also on your phone as proof.

    For an example of our comprehensive Notification see: SHIPPING NOTE

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