Bench Tops (Counter Tops).

Logically this is the first step in specifying a new kitchen after you have measured your design, but If Bench tops are not required or if our range does not suit your requirements then please skip STEP1.

Cabinets-on-Demand supplies Only the High Pressure Laminate style bench tops with a 34mm thickness,  cut-to-size and optionally fully machined for Joins and/or End Finish - the maximum one piece length supplied is 3550mm  - longer tops will be machined with a Butt Join.

Pricing is calculated when you specify your dimensions and click the "Get Price" button, and is based on the popular Postformed range of rolled edged bench tops for Standard colors in 600mm, 900mm or 1200mm in Width.  
Whilst we can supply the newer Laminex SQUAREFORM range, this is (on average) 50% dearer. If SQUAREFORM and/or HIGH GLOSS finish is required than please specify this when you select a your laminate color in Main Menu: STEP 5: Color & Profiles" below - and a quotation will be supplied.

The pricing of the laminates covers the standard colors and for "U" and "L" shapes includes the cost of all Joints. When we receive your Request for Quotation we will check the color and you will be advised if it is outside the standard range. Typically 'gloss' laminates (for example) are not in the standard range.
Brand and Color specifications
can be made in "STEP 5: Color& Profiles" .

These Laminates typically are used for kitchen, laundry and bathrooms, but can be used also for entertainment units, general joinery, office cabinetry and even in garages!

You can use the links below to assist with the color selection - should you require sample swatches, please contact the laminate supplier and they will post them out to you.

                              Laminate Suppliers:

Laminex Industries:!/Bench tops/laminex-laminates/

Note : When selecting a color off the web site, your computer screen will at best only approximate the actual color We recommend that you ask the Laminate supplier for a sample chip to ensure that you are getting the color that you are after. Brand and Color specifications can be made in "STEP 5: Select Colors/Materials" .

For additional detailed specification instructions see Bench top-Ordering Guidelines .

Costs and Ordering Information are provided on-line for the following Bench top shapes and Edge profiles:

If none of these standardized designs fit your requirements than please consider submitting your Custom Design by fax (02) 6241 8068 or by email to: for a quotation.

Please still fill out the Specifications under "Custom Design" in the "Product Categories" and state in the Prompt for "Special Requests" any further details and that a design is following.