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Please NOTE: this website has now been superseded since 1 January 2020 with a more modern website https://www.ozflatpacks.com.au , which will give you an improved service.

STEP 1: Select an Outlet (for Free pickup) - or a local Freight Depot for low cost delivery

Standard sizes, simple selection and specification - but less options for customisation

STEP 2: Highly CUSTOMISED units.
Many options to choose from
flat pack floor cabinets- Floor (Base) Cabinets

flat pack drawer cabinets- Floor (Base) Drawers

flat pack combo cabinets- Floor (Base) Combo

flat pack corner cabinets - Floor (Base) Corner units

flat pack corner cupboards - Floor Cnr 135 Deg units.

flat pack diagonal cabinets - Floor (Base) Diagonal cabinets

flat pack blind cabinets - Floor with Blind side.

flat pack open units bookshelf - Floor Open unit (Bookshelf)

flat pack open diagonal - Floor Open Diagonal

flat pack under bench oven cabinets - Oven (Under bench)

flat pack upper wall cabinets - Upper (Wall) Cabinets

flat pack wall corner cabinets - Upper (Wall) Corner

- Upper Cnr 135 Deg.

flat pack open diagonal wall units - Upper (Wall) Diagonals

flat pack wall bookshelf - Upper Open ("Book Shelf")

flat pack open corner cabinets - Upper OPEN CORNER("corner shelving")

flat pack open diagonal cabinets - Upper Open Diagonal unit

flat pack fridge units - Fridge Cabinets

flat pack range hood cabinets - Range Hood Cabinet

Any Height up to 2350mm, width to 1150mm
flat pack pantry cabinets - Pantry / Tall cabinets

flat pack pantry with drawer cabinets - Drawer Pantry

flat pack corner pantry cabinets- Corner(Bifold door) Pantry

flat pack walk-in corner pantry cabinets - Corner/ Walk-in Pantry

flat pack corner shelving pantry cabinets - OPEN CORNER ("corner shelving")

flat pack wall oven cabinets - OVEN (Tall Tower) units

flat pack microwave cabinets - Microwave Units

flat pack wine rack units - Wine Rack

flat pack bookshelf units - BOOKSHELF units

flat pack wardrobe insert units - WARDROBE Inserts

flat pack laundry cabinets- LAUNDRY Cabinets

flat pack garage cabinets GARAGE / General Storage

flat pack home office cabinets HOME OFFICE

flat pack your design cabinets YOUR DESIGN Cabinet

STEP 3: Specify extra Panels, Doors, Fillers or Kickboards

flat pack kitchen panels - Panels

- Just Doors

- Kick boards

flat pack fillers - Fillers

flat pack bench top options- BENCH TOPS

flat pack additional options STEP 4: Optional EXTRAS
(Door Handles, special Hinges, special Modifications)
flat pack colour choices STEP 5: COLOUR & Profiles
Select ONCE-ONLY for all cabinetry component types
flat pack discounts    STEP 6: DISCOUNTS.
For Order >$1200 in value
flat pack pickup delivery options STEP 7: DELIVERY or PICKUP
Delivery and Pick-up options


flat pack carcass only     CABINETMAKERS AREA

(CARCASS only cabinets)

flat pack carcass wardrobe inserts --Carcass only Wardrobe Inserts

flat pack hardware -EXTRA HARDWARE


import specifications    Import Your Specification data



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