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- Floor (Base) Cabinet

Base Cabinet
Base Cabinet

Floor mounted 1x Door Base cabinet - made to your size to meet your EXACT Needs


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Floor mounted base cabinet - made to your size to meet your EXACT needs.

Simply overwrite the "?" in the Prompt box or choose an option from the drop-down boxes to specify your needs, then click the button - it is that simple.

This Cabinet is supplied pre-drilled in a Flat Pack form and includes the Door (in your chosen Material) plus all the Hardware required for assembly -including Hinges and Plastic Adjustable feet. The Bench top is sold separately (see ‘Step: 1’ for pricing of Laminated Bench tops)

The Cabinet itself is all made from 16mm thick White HMR PB (High Moisture Resistant Particleboard) and includes the Bottom, Sides (or Gables), Top Rail and Solid Back, plus either Fixed or Adjustable Shelf(s) -if required.  The Door is in your chosen Material and the Hinge Hardware is quality German made. All Cabinets are manufactured-to-measure to your sizes, using the latest CNC machinery. Made in Australia, by Australians for Australia.

Height = Box Height Only (this does not include height of any Kickboard or the thickness of the bench top).

Example: If a 900mm High over-all Bench height is desired then:
900mm – Bench Top thickness (E.G.: 34mm) – Kickboard Height (E.G.: 146mm) = Floor (Base) cabinet Height to be priced =

Width = External (Outside) Over-all Width of the Cabinet (i.e.: Carcass) - Excluding any possible ‘Seen’ (Coloured) End Panels that you may require to be screwed on later.
              Minimum size 150mm for Laminated doors, 220mm for Vinyl Wrap or Polyurethane doors with a Profile.

Depth = External (Outside) Over-all Depth (including the thickness of the Door) of the Cabinet.

Shelf(s) Required = Specify number of shelves required from 0 -7. Normally ONE for Cabinets < 750mm and 5-6 for Pantry cabinets. Cabinet price is adjusted for number specified.

Shelves = Choose between either Fixed or Adjustable type shelving.

Shelf Depth: = Identifies if the Shelf is Set-in from the front, the Default for a base cabinet is normally 80mm (Based upon a Standard 580mm deep cabinet). To modify - Select one of the options.

Door Hang = Select ‘Left’, ‘Right’ or ‘None’ as required. Selecting a Right Hang means that the Door is Hinged off the Right side of the Cabinet (viewing as if standing in front of the cabinet, looking at the Door). ‘None’ means that the door is still required, but you don’t require it to be drilled for hinging.

Soft Close?  = Special Soft Close Hinges can be used, at a extra cost of $6.00 per hinge, or $12 per Door < 900mm in Height. Greater Height needs more hinges, up to 5 for >2100mm

Push to Open mechanism  = Instead of using door handles this mechanism will open the door after a good push- extra cost is $25 per Door

Door Style - Material Finish = Here is where you select the Material that you would like the Door made from –not the actual colour/manufacturer or finish, just the Material –As that’s all that’s needed at this stage. The most common Material is Laminate because it’s the most durable and also the lowest in cost (plus it looks good of course!) .

        • Carcass (Plain White Melamine) - 16mm thick High Mositure Resistant (HMR) particle board;
        • Laminate (Melamine) - 16mm thick Coloured ;
        • GLOSS Laminate (Formica) - 16mm thick;
        • Unfinished - 16mm Craftwood (MDF) -  with a range of Face and Edge profiles - ready for DIY painting;
        • Belmont (Vinyl Wrap - TEXTURE finish) -  18mm thick with a range of Face and Edge profiles ;
        • Byron Bay (Vinyl Wrap - GLOSS finish) - 18mm thick with a range of Face and Edge profiles ;
        • Albany (Polyurethane painted - TEXTURE finish) -  18mm thick with a range of Face and Edge profiles ;
        • Avoca (Polyurethane painted - GLOSS finish) - 18mm thick with a range of Face and Edge profiles. 

                 For a more detailed description of these  different STYLES and Price considerations please see:  Cost Considerations.

Your Reference = An optional field where you can specify your own unique cabinet Numbering/Naming convention -for ease of assembly/installation later on.

Special request = A powerful unique feature where you can ask for something different or extra to be done to this cabinet, i.e.: ‘Fixed Shelf set up from Bottom shelf 350mm’. Please Note: Do not use quotation marks (“”) or comma’s (,) or use the Tab button in your notes –Also, keep any ‘Special request’ short and to the point –The Computer doesn’t like essay’s! If you submit your quotation for validation, our staff will view any ‘special request’ and will advise you if it can be done or not and if there is any price variation. We can do a lot of customisation to our range of cabinetry, but we can’t do everything!

Other Info:

You can mix different Product styles in an order, for example Painted Doors with Vinyl Wrap Panels, each with its own Colour and Profile- BUT if you want different colours for different products in a particular Style -or example Doors are specified In Beige, but you want Drawers in Light Green, then you should make the notation in the Drawers ‘Special request’ box ‘Drawers in Light Green’.

Only when you are ready and the Items have been validated for consistency on YOUR PC will you be prompted to submit your personal details and the contents of the shopping cart to the central system for a final QUOTE.

Your quotation will be stored for 10 days on your PC in your cookies folder, so it’s completely private and safe. This allows you to add additional products or make changes to your quote until it’s right. We don’t ask for any personal details during this time and it’s only if you choose to submit it to us for validation that more information is required. If you clear out your internet history or your computer is not set to store cookies, then your quotation will not be saved.

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Height to 1000mm

Width of cabinet 150 - 600mm

Depth to 700mm

Shelf(s) required?


Shelf Depth

Door Hang

Hinge Type

Sink/Tub Cabinet?
Door Style - Material finish

Your Reference

Special requests

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