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- Upper Cnr 135 Deg.


Height 400 - 1200mm

LH Width to 600mm

RH Width to 600mm

LH Depth

RH Depth

Number of shelves required

Shelf Depth


Bifold door hang

Special requests

Corner Wall Cabinet (135 Degree Wall) Your Dimension - Laminate

Bifold Door 135 Degree Corner Pantry 
up to 600mm x 600mm in Width
Maximum Depth = 500mm.
1x Shelf included

Overtype the default settings for the various parameters in the Prompt Boxes.

Height = Box Height Only, includes thickness of top shelf

LH Width & RH Width= the external width along the back-wall.

LH Depth & = External Depth of Cabinets including Door

Number of shelves required= Specify the number needed from 0-7 - the standard (in this case 1x Shelf).

Shelves = is to indicate Fixed or Adjustable shelving.

Shelf set-in from front in mm = Specify your preference for distance of shelf from the front ot the carcass - 0 = no set in. The 'Standard' for Floor cabinets is 85mm, and 15 mm for Upper (Wall) cabinets.

Bifold door hang=" Select Right, Left or None as required.

"Special Requests" can be used to: (for example) state you preferred Door Gap measure e.g. 1mm (in place of our standard 1.5mm); or any other need e.g. 'No shelf holes to be drilled'.

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