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Cabinets on-Demand on-Line (TM) is a network of high quality, flat pack kitchens & custom sized cabinetry producers in Australia.

For personalised service please call Toll-free 1300 876 778 and you will be automatically re-directed to your local area manager who can assist you with any questions.

The call cost to you is only the cost of a normal local call, however higher if you are calling from a mobile phone:

Alternatively emai our central Webmaster / Production Suppory on support@cabinetsondemand.com.au

For the nearest locations of our network of cabinet making factories across Australia, please refer to the list below:

- Mitchell 2911

- Refer to A.C.T above

- Warrnambool 3280

- Goolwa 5214

- Albany 6330

*If there isnít a factory close to you, donít worry as we regularly ship Australia wide and our shipping cost are very low. Contact us on 1300 876 778 for more details.

For actual addresses and direct contact see the Google Maps at the end of this Web page.


Cabinets on-Demand On-Line is a Registered Trade mark and a Trading Name for a division of Customised Design and Administrative Services Pty Ltd (CDAS) incorporated in Australia.

CDAS specialises in CAD/CAM application development for the Cabinet Industry. Our business - operating since late 2004 is to deliver quality custom built Flat Pack Cabinetry for the D.I.Y Home renovator market as well as the Trade professionals Australia wide. Joinery operators that are part of the CDAS network supply fully configured customised kitset cabinets, carcass only units, bench tops or just panels cut to your specifications. Our personnel include staff with over 20 years practical Ďhands-oní experience in Kitchen Joinery Trade and and others with over 30 years experience in IT systems analysis, design, implementation and administration in Australia.

The Cabinets on-Demand on-Line service was established after discussions with local and interstate Joinery manufacturers about the need to be able to supply truly customised cabinetry, in short productions runs very quickly. The recent investment in the research & development into this area by Rod Tyson, the owner of "Aneka Kitchens" in the ACT indicated that what was suggested was actually achievable. With the help of a few of the interested parties that were already engaged in NC systems installations, the information gathered provided the final parts of the puzzle to enhance the CAD/CAM driven manufacturing methodology that was originally only aimed at large scale production cycles, due to its high programming costs.

We then set about writing our own Australian software specifically designed for customised cabinetry in one-off short production runs. We also worked closely with another software manufacturer, LearCom of Australia, to design a complete manufacturing system that not only produced the parts, but included the whole manufacturing cycle. With our own software being post-processed by QuickCAM & CADCode (supplied by LearCom) we were able to write one-off, disposable NC programs that controlled CNC factory equipment from large beam saws, and point-to-point machines, to nested routers and automated CNC panel saws in literally seconds.

Assuming that this type of semi-automated system and hardware installations required would be out of scope for the smaller Cabinetry manufacturers and Kitchen installers for many years to come, it was soon apparent to CDAS and associates that there may be a market for supply of customised flat-pack cabinets -provided these cabinets could be produced on-demand, to unique dimensions, and very quickly & economically.

On the understanding that such a service will meet market demand we decided to develop a centralised administrative system to interface with the prospective customers. We set about setting in place factories across Australia that could take the data generated from the web site and have the job seamlessly slot into the next production cycle in anyone of these factories, via e-mail. The idea behind the multiple factories is to keep the cabinets freight costs to a minimum, thus ensuring that we can produce a competitively priced, fully customised product to nearly every corner of Australia.

In 2005 we received a grant from the ACT Government to assist with the development of our business concept and the Web site "www.cabinetsondemand.com.au" was designed to publicise and support the proposed service to collect individual cabinet specifications, delivery and payment details.

Our strength:

We are now able to collect client cabinet requirements and using highly automated methods to translate and import this data into our computer systems to drive the Numerical Controlled equipment to cut, drill and edge band the desired cabinet components with a minimum of man-power and time - thus able to providea fast and very economical service to our client base. All cabinets are designed and produced to specific requirements for individual customers.

Our Website makes it easy to select fixed price cabinets from five different Styles (Material & Finish) and nine different popular colours, with up to five different Face Designs and Profiles for Doors and Panels - a range that is not matched anywhere.

For contact details for CDAS, click here.

Business Details:
CDAS Pty Ltd 
ABN: 15 098 620 163
CEOs: Henk Thijssens
     Support and Enquiries: E-mail: support@cabinetsondemand.com.au
     Sales, Accounts, Administration E-mail: sales@cabinetsondemand.com.au

Fax: (02) 6241 8068

or ring: Aneka Kitchens - Ph: 02 6241 7778

CDAS Registered Office: 3/5 Tooth Street, Mitchell, ACT 2911.
A.C.T Showroom: 1/5 Tooth Street, Mitchell, ACT 2911.  


Manufacturing Outlets

* Mitchell - Canberra (ACT)

* Warrnambool - Victoria (VIC)

* Goolwa - South Australia (SA)

* Albany - Western Australia  (WA)

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